Dungeon Quest

Dungeon Quest is a roblox game, made by "vCaffy". Dungeon Quest is Dungeon RPG created 9/25/2018.

To get better in the game you need to fight the bosses and minions, get exp and better items! DROPS ARE 100% RANDOM

There will maybe be reset:

When is the game going to have a stat reset?

If and when Vinny (owner) feels that the game needs one. It could be due to a big future update that changes the game significantly. He will announce ahead of time before he does the reset.

Weapons + classes

there is 4 classes

- Warrior = Upgrades only psy. dmg. Deals a lot of dmg.

Snímek obrazovky (822)
- Mage = Upgrades only spell power. Deals a lot of dmg, but need to wait beacouse of skill cooldown.

- Tank = Upgrades HP and psy. dmg. on sword. Deals low dmg but have a lot of HP

- Healer = Same as mage but deals no dmg only heals (very needed in game)

Snímek obrazovky (825)


Long sword - there is A LOT of long swords. Long sword is the best type of sword in game!

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